About Nock & Stalk

Hello to all, and Welcome to Nock & Stalk. I’ve been blessed to spend a large portion of my life outdoors in Southern Utah, doing the things I love most; hunting, fishing and trapping. Southern Utah is home to some of the biggest and best elk and mule deer herds in the USA.  I grew up just an hour away from the world-famous Paunsaugunt Deer Unit, and I didn’t take it for granted.

The reason I created this website was to help the Average Joe succeed in the field in whatever he is trying to accomplish. Have you ever overheard someone say they killed a nice buck, you respond by asking where they killed it, and they get rude and just say “It’s a secret”? Or heard someone say they caught a bunch of nice fish out at that lake, and when you ask what they caught them on, they roll their eyes at you and walk away. I believe everyone would enjoy the outdoors more if we helped each other out; if we gave each other tips and tricks. While you might not want to give away the exact coordinates of your favorite hunting spots, what harm can come from sharing your favorite products, and general knowledge to help everyone have the best experience possible?  Nock & Stalk was created to end the communication roadblocks between experienced hunters, fishers and trappers, and less experienced folks. I’ll be reviewing products, and showing you what I use and when I use it. I’ll post photos from my hunts and game cameras to get everyone excited for the upcoming hunts.  We will eventually have some forums so we can all discuss the latest hunting topics and issues in Utah and in other states.