Well we had another great trip to Lake Powell this year.  As always the fish were biting and very active during the early and late hours of the day. We got to the lake late Saturday night and did not get to the fishing until later the next day. The first day we hit the Escalante river arm, and it was a blast.  We got into heavy small mouth and huge blue gill. I have never seen blue gill this aggressive they were  hitting jigs and lures half their size.  The next day we ended up in the San Juan river, which is my favorite to fish and once again it did not disappoint.  The small mouth and large mouth were hitting everything we would throw at them.  A friend of mine even was messing around and jigging a watermelon Hula grub off the back of the house boat, 40 feet down.  He ended up hooking up with he biggest striper of the trip.  No dought that bass fishing Lake Powell Utah is a must do on every fisherman’s bucket list!!!

Take your time when switching lures.

The San Juan again proved to be the best for large mouth bass, as long as your could find some brush or weeds there was almost always a bass underneath it. Pitching that grub up under the shrub softy and letting it sink almost guaranteed  a strike. We stayed in the San Juan for a couple days going in and out of the smaller canyon arms, hitting the rock slide piles and brush piles looking for bass.  We found small mouth everywhere we went, and a couple large mouth with every stop.

Sad to say we only caught one walleye and one crappy the whole trip.  It might be we were not fishing in  deep enough water,  only about 5 to 9 feet of water.  When we trolled we caught only stripers, and a couple smallies. At night we did catch some cat fish and a few carp, but only about two or three.  Which is to bad because the younger kids really enjoy catching such big fish from the house boat.

Ok, lets get to the good part. What were we using? Our bait of choice once again was the hulla grub from Yamamoto. It did not matter what color we used the bass just love that ugly thing.  My favorite was the clear with bronze flake, my brother in law loved the pumpkin with green flake. Then a friend was using just plain white, all 4 inch by the way. I can not tell you who caught the most fish, there was too many to count to really keep track of the week.  We like them on a spinning rod with 8 pound test with either a 1/8th or 1/16th jig head.  We caught Small-mouth, Large-mouth, Crappy, Walleye, Blue-gill, Striper, and even one one cat fish off the hula grubs.

Thanks for reading guys, you can check out the video of this trip on youtube if you would like, and if you do remember to subscribe.