Coyote Hunting in Utah

Hello everybody!!! Sorry I have not posted anything in while, I have been super busy with work and taking friends and family out hunting deer and coyote’s.  It is hard to get the camera out and film these hunts, because I will feel bad if they miss out on their target because they were waiting on me.  So I really don’t like to risk the chance of missing out on a trophy when I am not the one hunting.  However I will be trying to get some Coyote hunting here in Utah on camera in the next coming weeks.  

But it is that time of year, the pups are out and they are easier to kill than the older more mature dogs.  I love this time of year, its cool out but not quiet cold enough where you need 6 layers on to keep from freezing.  I used to really be into trapping when the fur prices where higher but in the past couple years fur prices have been so low it is not worth the gas or the time to flesh and stretch fur.  However here in the great state of Utah, there is a fifty dollar bounty on all coyotes.  Now the bounty is nice, however it is not the main reason I call coyotes in the fall and winter.  The main reason is it simply it is a blast, it is a hell of a good time and I love it.  Every time I go out even if I don’t get one to come into my stand, I have a great time. Some of the first hunting I ever got to do when I was the one actually holding the gun was coyote hunting with my dad when I was about ten years old.  This is what I think about when I sit down on that hill overlooking the meadow or field. I think about my dad and my grandfathers and the times they took me calling coyotes and the stories they told me about trapping and hunting coyotes when they were younger.

Dad and his 2016 coyote with his 17hmr.

Dad and his 2016 coyote with his 17hmr.

Coyote hunting is also a gate way drug in my eye’s.  It is a great way to get new hunters going in the sport.  I have spent the past few weeks taking a couple guys from work coyote hunting in Utah.  I got a new Foxpro (Inferno) for Christmas last year, and finally got the opportunity to take it out a few weeks back with these guys.  On the very first stand with my brand new call with two brand new hunters we call in a coyote to about 200 yards.  Sorry to say I had the shot, and coyotes get me supper excited so I pull the gun to my shoulder and send the bullet high, just over his back.  However even though I missed the new guys had a great time and after just that one stand I had them hooked.  After that day they wanted to go calling everyday, and that is what hunting is all about!!


Me and my first coyote with my 223

I am not going to say I am a professional trapper or coyote hunter but I feel I do pretty well when it comes to coyotes and predators.  Let me give you guys a few pointers when it come to coyote hunting in Utah and I hope these tips help you out.  Now I have talked about a couple of these issues in the past when it comes to hunting.  1st is the nose of the coyote, try your best to stay down wind of the area you are calling.  2nd is the sun, try your best to keep the sun at your back. Try and keep the sun in the coyotes eyes. If the situation doesn’t allow that, stay in the shade, the shadows will  hide you very well. 3rd is your camo and your back ground if there is not shade to hide in, then put something in your back ground like a sage bush for an example.  Don’t just sit in an open grass field you will stick out like a sore thumb.  When it comes to your camo my advise is always match your terrain the best you can.  However you don’t need to wear camo to be successful in calling coyotes.  Wearing dark clothes and staying in the shadows on a sunny day works just as well as the best camo.  If you are calling coyotes in the snow a white bed sheet works great also.  Along with a your favorite electric or mouth call and a straight shooting gun you are all set and ready to start calling.

When it come to calls I say stick with a distress call of some kind because they can work all year round, they are cheaper.  It does not take much to master and there are lots of videos to learn from online when it comes to using mouth calls. Take a decent caliber rifle with you, I have killed coyotes with a 22LR but a 22LR is a bit small and the coyote will probably run for while.  A deer rifle is a little big, but it will get the job done. If you have never tried to call in coyotes, get out there and give it a try it is a lot of fun and you are helping out the deer herds by taking out a couple yotes.  Like I said coyote hunting is a great way to start new hunters and is a great way to pass the time between deer season and ice fishing season.  I will try to get some more photos and even some video’s up of some coyote hunting Utah soon.