Yeti Pre Workout

My whole life, fitness and health have been a big part of my daily activity.  When I was younger it was a casual relationship. I was just a very active kid.  I played a lot of sports; and I was always hiking in the hills, hunting and checking traps soon as I could ride my wheeler from home to the hills out west. I played every sport growing up but really got into wrestling in high school and that required a lot of time and effort on my part.  In college I got into body building and lifting and really became interested in fitness.  I was also a wild-land firefighter, so between work and the gym I basically worked out all day. This really helped me out when hunting season came around, soon after fire season.  While I was going through my hardcore fitness phase in my life, I found it hard to motivate myself to continue to work out and get gains. I tried many supplements from caffeine pills to creatine powder and pills. There are many different kinds of pre and post work out supplements out there on the market.



Today, 12 years from when I started lifting and working out, I have cut most supplements out of my diet, except a good protein after every workout and a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before I start my workout.  This method has shown the best results for me.  Now protein is a must, but many will argue that pre-workouts are no good and they don’t help you. To me it is not just about the rush of energy they give you or the tingling feeling that runs over your face and arms.  Using a pre-workout gives me a mental feeling of power, that I’m now unstoppable for the next 2 hours.  It gives me confidence when I take that fruity flavored beverage.  There are a lot of pre-supplements out there and I have tried many of them.  Until recently, I hadn’t really found one I loved. By far, my new MTN OPS YETI pre-workout supplement is the best pre work out I’ve tried. I will admit I am a little biased because it is a Utah based company, gotta rep the home state!  But it tastes the best by far and it dissolves very well. Most pre workouts I have tried will not blend as well as they should; you feel a gritty texture on your tongue and teeth as you drink it.  Not with MTN OPS.  It does the job and their Yeti pre workout is awesome. It delivers 20 hours of Nitric Oxide release to your body.  I can definitely tell when I don’t take it, I stay sore longer.  Each serving of Yeti cost the same amount as most pre workouts you would get at your local GNC store. So, if you’re in the market for a new pre work out supplement, give MTN OPS a shot, you won’t regret it.