What’s up everybody?! Sorry I have not posted in awhile, I have been super busy.  I even left the country for ten days, so I really haven’t had the opportunity to get out and do some fishing or hunting.  But now I’m back and am well rested from my trip and ready to get back out.  It’s that time of year the lakes and ponds are starting to freeze here in Utah.  The people who are brave enough to get out on the two inches of ice have already posted some nice fish here in Utah.  My rule is at lease four inches or no go and when I go by myself I always have Ice Stakes in my sleeves.

Ice fishing Utah

Nice tiger trout I caught and if you look at my sleeves. You can see my ice spikes hanging out.

I moved to central Utah from southern Utah a few years ago for a carrier opportunity.  while here I made a friend who just loved ice fishing and he would tell me all about it, and how much fun it was and that we should go.  Well after lots of talking and begging I finally agreed to go sit on a frozen lake with him and freeze my butt off.  But to my surprise it was everything he said it would be.  I had a great time, when I pulled my first fish from the hole in the ice I was ecstatic.  I was so exited, I could not believe how easy it was and how fast the action was. I was expecting to sit on the ice all day and only catch a cold.  That

Ice fishing Utah

A chair is nice as well

is all it took to start my addiction of ice fishing, I loved it so much and with fur prices being so low I have put my traps aside and just focus on the fishing in the winter.

I don’t do anything fancy, I do what my buddy showed me which is very simple and anybody can do it.  get your rod and real, you don’t need one of those short rods unless you are going to be in an ice tent then I would recommend it.  But you can just take your summer rod and reel and have the same chances and fun. Next go to Walmart or online and get some Ice Flies or Ice Jigs, they are cheap you can get around 20 for like 5 bucks, along with a tub of night crawlers you are ready to go. You will need an ice auger and you can get them between 30 and 70 bucks on Amazon depending on how big a hole you want it to cut.  Or you can take a Hatchet or ax (were safety glasses) and cut out a hole to fish in.  I don’t recommend using a hatchet but it is how I started when I would go by myself and you can get by with it if the ice is not over 6 inches thick.  It is easy to find an old ice hole that has been frozen back over and bust it back out with a hatchet. Now that you got your hole and your pole and hopefully some warm cloths on, your ready to start fishing.

Go ahead an tie on your jig or ice fly on the end of your line and tip it with a piece of a night crawler.  Don’t put to much of the crawler on there, just enough to cover the hook.  Or else the fish will just pull the worm off, or you will feel a tug and go to set the hook and pull it out of his mouth.  In Utah you can have up to 3 hooks on a single line, now you can do this but I feel it is not worth the work.  I always regret putting on 3 hooks because when you pull up the first fish and get him on the ice, he will start to flip and tangle up all your lines and hooks and it is just a mess.  I like to stick with just two.  I’ll have one jig with crawler on the end then (depending on how deep you are fishing) I’ll put a small split shot sinker about a foot up the line, then from there I’ll go up another foot and tie on anther ice jig and tip it with crawler or a piece of shrimp, which works great as well.  After the hooks are baited drop your setup down the hole.  Go tell you hit the bottom and then reel in about two turns.  This will bring your bait about a foot off the bottom and you can either dead stick it (leave your pole alone sitting still) or you can lightly jig it, (slightly bounce the tip of your rod up and down).  Ether way you will most likely catch something, most of the time I’ll drill two holes and do both at the same time.  One pole sitting a few feet from me just in its holder, then I’ll have another pole in my hand and I’ll be moving that bait constantly as I watch my other pole in the other hole.

Ice fishing UtahWell, that’s about it nothing to complicated just some simple fishing.  I have caught a lot of different species of fish just doing this technique.  I hope to get out this next week and hopefully I catch something and get it on film.