Small mouth bass fishing at Lake Powell is a blast!! The small mouth bass is probably the most abundant fish in Lake Powell, it seems I catch more every year I go.  They are a lot of fun to catch and they always put up a big fight for a not so big fish.  I have caught a few good-sized ones in the past but the smaller ones usually fight the most and jump out of the water trying to spit out the hook.

I wanted to give everybody a little idea on what we were using while small mouth bass fishing at Lake Powell and how we were presenting the bait to the fish to get the small mouth to bite.  In later summer early fall the shad (baby shiny fish) are in their schools trying to escape the predator fish.  It is really sad because almost every fish in lake Powell eats them.  they are anywhere between 2 and 6 inches long and are a white or silver color with sometimes a darker black on top of their backs.Small Mouth Bass at Lake Powell Small Mouth on grub

The best advice I can give to someone when they are fishing a particular species of fish is to imitate the pray that fish is eating.  In this case I would use something white, clear w/sparkle or silver.  However if I were to go fishing at Lake Powell In the spring time, when the craw-fish are everywhere I would imitate them by presenting a darker brown or green color bait to the fish.

We were just using our spinning rods, the same rods I use all year round for any kind or fish in Utah.  I will sometimes replace my line and I like to stick with a 8 lb test floricarbineline and stick with that until I eventually run out or it get sun rotted to where it keeps breaking.  I really enjoy fishing but I don’t do as much as I would like too.  We would tie on our 1/16 oz jig head with a polymer knot.  Slide on our grub of choice and get to casting.Small Mouth Bass at Lake Powell Small mouth on a twin tail grub

For the most part we were having the most luck with the Yamamoto single tailed Hula grub in the cream-white color while fishing at Lake Powell.  But also had some luck with the Yamomoto twin tailed grub in white with glitter.  For the small mouth we should look for rock slides leading into the water from a cliff wall.  Fishing around rock piles and small coves would produce lots of bass in a short amount of time.  However we noticed there would only be a couple big smallies in each cove and then a bunch of smaller ones.  We took a canoe with us for the most part and on out way back to the house boat we would leave our grub’s in the water and troll with them and hook up with at lease 2 smallies every-time we did that.  It seems the bass would move out into open water during sunset and dusk.  I have a Fish Hunter blue tooth fish finder that connects to my smart phone.  This was showing me there was fish cruising around the open water hanging around 2 to 5 feet deep, probably hunting for top water bugs. This was why we were getting so many small mouth hook ups while trolling around sun set.Small Mouth Bass at Lake Powell Twin tail grub

Small Mouth Bass at Lake Powell Single tail hula grub

We caught most of the small mouth in the coves and on top of old rock slides that lead down into the water. While we were fishing at Lake Powell we would row in fast with the canoe and then just coast in alongside the shore or coast up into the cove.  Flicking our baits towards the shore and then letting it sink all the way to the bottom. Then I like to tug reel, tug reel tug, tug, and then zip it back towards me and repeat. Tug means I am lifting the bait off the bottom and towards me then letting it fall back down to the bottom. Zip means I am retrieving the bait back to me, also on the retrieve it is a good idea to pause for just a second this gives the fish chasing it a chance to grab it if one is chasing it.  For the most part they would hit it on the retrieve, however we noticed on the twin tailed grub they hit it when it was sinking after the cast.

Sorry this one is so long guys, I just love bass fishing and there is more I would like to say.  But if you have tips you would like to share go ahead and comment on this post and let me know.  I will also be posting soon on more species of fish and what worked for us.