Wac’em Broadheads

Well I hope you all have had the time to check out my 2016 Archery Buck I got this year.  What an incredible experiences it was, and he did indeed fill my freezer which I am grateful for that.  I wanted to give every body a review on the Wac’em Broadheads I used this year, the same broadhead that brought down my buck.  I wrote about which head I would be spinning on the end of my arrow shafts this year but not how they preformed.  Well, i’m speechless, there is not much to say about it.  They did the job, and what a job it did. I was impressed by the amount of damage it did.  Also how clean the cut and the kill was.  I found the buck piled up (died as he ran).  He did not lay down and die in his bed so I know he did not suffer.  He probably never knew what happen, he felt something hit him then as he was running away he fell asleep.  I could not have asked for a better outcome.  When you are about to take an animals life if feels as if time has slowed down.  As I touched my arrow release time seemed to stop. The arrow was perfect, I was amazed at how well my arrow flew in the air. It had a great spin, it did not wobble and it flew right where I wanted it to go. unnamed1

When I found my arrow I was amazed again on how much damage it took while it struck the deer.  In the photo above it shows a little damage to one of the blades, that is all the damage I could find on this head. The other 2 blades were still razor sharp. This is the reason I prefer broadheads with exchangeable blades, I will probably carry this same head in my arrow quiver next year except it will have new blades on it.  If this was a broadhead that did not have exchangeable blades then it would most likely end up in the trash.  The one blade took too much damage to get it back to it’s original shape and sharpness, so the broadhead would not fly the same again.  The Wac’em broadhead served its purpose, it killed the deer quickly and humanely so I would not have a problem throwing the head away. But with replacement blades being around 10 dollars for 9 blades there is no reason to toss it.  Hope you guys enjoyed this little review on this particular broadhead.  I will try to post a couple more reviews on other heads I have killed with in the coming future.Derek Deer (2)